Bulk Material Handling

Bulk Bag Fillers & Unloaders

National Bulk Equipment (NBE) offers material handling and product recovery equipment and automated bulk material packaging and processing systems to discharge, store, convey, fill, mix, weigh, and recover dry bulk materials in production and processing operations. With over 15,000 installations worldwide, NBE integrated systems have handled thousands of dry bulk materials of virtually every material density, size, and characteristic, including: sluggish, non free-flowing material; friable material, very free-flowing material, high dusting material, dissimilar blends, and materials that are sanitary, combustible, hazardous, abrasive, or highly contaminable.



Slide Gates, Diverters & Loading Solutions

When you need to use a slide gate, orifice valve, butterfly valve or maintenance gate to reliably shut off or divert the flow of dry bulk powders, pellets, granules, & aggregates look no further than Vortex Valves. If you need to divert a flow of material in a pneumatic convey line or gravity flow Vortex manufactures a variety of diverter valves in a wide range of sizes and materials of construction options.

Bucket Elevators and Screw Conveyors

image350image360Many processes require bucket elevators to elevate their bulk materials. We offer bucket elevators in carbon steel, galvanized or stainless steel at almost any height and capacity. These elevators are available in belt or chain type with a variety of options including wear liners, ceramic tile and other abrasion resistant features. When you need to use a screw conveyor to move your product call us. We have options for helicoid, sectional, ribbon or variable pitch screws in a stainless, carbon or AR steel configurations.