Improved Fike ValvEx Explosion Isolation Valve

The Fike ValvEx® isolation valve is designed to prevent flame and pressure propagation through pipes, ducts or conveying lines to interconnected process equipment or operating locations. Several years of dedicated research has resulted in unique insights into mechanisms of explosion propagation and efficiency of passive explosion isolation.

The ValvEx® consists of a heavy duty coated steel body containing a high strength, formed stainless steel flap. Air flow will open the flap to allow normal process conveyance conditions. When an explosion occurs in the adjacent vessel, the flow will reverse causing the flap to close onto its field replaceable seal, stopping explosion pressure and flame propagation.

Here is a link to the brochure. ValvEx V2 Passive Isolation Valve

• Integrated seal
• Easy to maintain
• Compact, small installation dimensions
• Designed for low cost of ownership
• ATEX certified
• NFPA 69 compliant
• Formed stainless steel flap (high strength)

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